Forms for Start-Up Grant

TITLE description download
Eligible costs The guidelines summarize the eligible costs of an AIRC funded grant.
Grant acceptance letter The acceptance letter must be signed by the Principal Investigator and the Legal Representative to confirm the commitment to the terms and condition of the grant.
FEA instruction The document contains the instructions for using the Advanced Electronic Signature needed to sign AIRC forms.
Financial reconciliation statement template
Template Agreement with the Hosting Institution (Grant) The agreement establishes responsibilites of the Hosting Institutions in the grant management
Administrative reporting control procedure for research projects and programs This document describes the methodology of an audit, the management of verifications and control results
Audit notification letter
Representation Letter
Financial reconciliation details table
Extension Request The document contains the instructions to ask for an extension
Budget calculator This document contains preset formulas to help budget preparation and budget adjustment
Grant transfer request This document describes how to transfer the grant to a new Hosting Institution