International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP)


The International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP) is an active network of cancer research funding organizations that collaborate and strategically coordinate opportunities for cancer research worldwide.

In 2019 Fondazione AIRC joined the International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP), a unique alliance of currently more than 150 government, public, and non-profit international cancer funding organizations working together to enhance global collaboration and strategic coordination of research. Since 2020, Fondazione AIRC is sharing data about funded projects with the consortium.

ICRP partners share funding data in a common format: the Common Scientific Outline or ‘CSO‘, a classification system organized into six broad areas of scientific interest in cancer research.

The CSO is complemented by a standard cancer type-coding scheme. Together, these tools lay a framework to improve coordination among research organizations, making it possible to compare the research portfolios of public, non-profit, and governmental research agencies.


ICRP helps define the landscape of global cancer research and identify areas that need strengthening.

The interactive ICRP map and the public database of cancer research funding data are digital, internet-based tools that can be accessed and interrogated anytime by anyone. They may be particularly useful to researchers in order to:

  • find out which funders are sustaining research about a particular cancer site or topic
  • find other organizations or researchers around the world to collaborate with
  • look for funding opportunities and review the portfolio, to plan informed, non-duplicative research questions.
  • assess trends in cancer research over time


Since 2000, ICRP partners have represented a wide range of governmental, public, and non-profit cancer research funding organizations from across the world representing over $80 billion in investments for cancer research. ICRP partners and funding organizations host annual meetings and monthly webinars to share information and explore partnerships.

See the full list of ICRP partners and funding organizations.

Posted: 08/03/2022