Meetings and Seminars

This page lists scientific events, in Italy or abroad, potentially interesting for cancer researchers.

AIRC organizes some webinars directly: the AIRC Lectures, highlighted below by the AIRC logo. AIRC may also support external scientific meetings, as described in the policy.

25 - 27

The Cancer Prevention Research Conference

This year, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and Cancer Research UK are holding a new annual conference on prevention research, June 25-27, in Boston. The event will bring together researchers from discovery biology through translational and behavioural science to population and implementation research to create a thriving multidisciplinary cancer prevention research community, spark new collaborations and ideas, and advance cancer prevention. The goal is to help create a new-look cancer prevention research community, and to showcase research to better understand cancer aetiology, risk factors, intervention development and implementation, and health inequalities in cancer prevention. The conference will be built on a philosophy of using advances in mechanistic understanding to inform more effective ways of preventing cancer.
26 - 27

AIRC-IFOM Joint Meeting 2024
From Biological Mechanisms to New Therapies

The commitment of Fondazione AIRC “finding the cure of cancer through research” has prompted the AIRC Scientific Directorate to link with IFOM to organize a scientific meeting addressed to scientists working in teams supported by AIRC. Aim of the meeting is to set up an expanded brainstorming where novel ideas and results as well as the major unsolved questions are presented and discussed by both senior and junior scientists active in AIRC supported teams. The overarching goal is to offer new inspirational opportunities and to spawn collaborations among the best Italian scientists working in the field of oncology.
01 - 03

Building Bridges to Interconnect People

“Building Bridges to Interconnect People” è un consolidato meeting interamente digitale che nel corso delle precedenti tre edizioni ha incontrato un successo straordinario e costante in termini di partecipazione. Interdisciplinarità e cross-contaminazione, che emergono progressivamente nel campo dell‘oncologia clinica, hanno trovato vivido interesse da parte di un vasto pubblico che non è restato passivo all’ascolto ma ha avuto la reale possibilità di interagire con gli esperti.

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Università degli Studi di Trento